Which MBA would be the most suitable for you

Which MBA would be the most suitable for you

When there are so many choices of MBAs, you can easily get confused about which one to choose. However, researching your options thoroughly can help you choose just the right one for you.


Types of MBAs

There are various types of MBAs and you will find the most suitable one for your qualifications and situations. You should consider factors like your ambitions, interests, length of experience and your personal situation.


General MBAs

If you want to speed up your career but don’t have a very vast managerial experience, your best option is perhaps a general MBA. Often you will have to have three years of experience in a relevant job. However this differs from university to university.

These programmes teach all-embracing business skills that can work with a number of job sectors, with the core modules touching topics like marketing, financial management and organisational behaviour.

You can study general MBAs part or full time, and customise the programme to your interests with additional elective modules. A full time programme will take around one or two years to finish.


Executive MBAs

If you are working already in a senior management position and looking for quick career progression, your best option is an Executive MBA (EMBA). This programme primarily focuses on building leadership skills needed for a move into the boardroom.

EMBA students are usually older than those of general MBAs and have sizeable experience, often ten or more years in an equivalent position.

Courses are studied most often during evenings and weekends, as you adjust your course around your day job.


Specialist MBAs

If you are working for some years in a specific industry or are sure about the industry you want to enter into, a specialist MBA is a perfect option for you. You can learn business and management skills but for applying to a specific area of work. These programmes are taken by those who know that a general course won’t meet their distinct requirements. In the UK, specialist MBAs are available for a number of industries including biotechnology, oil and gas, football, music and aviation.


Distance Learning MBAs

Distance learning MBAs are gaining a lot of popularity because you don’t have to attend university and can study in your own suitable time which lets you organise your learning around your other activities. A distance learning MBA course asks for at least twenty hours every week. A tutor will be there to support you and all the materials needed for your studies will be provided to you.


So, now you can easily decide which MBA is the most suitable for you and you can make an informed decision.