Can You Use Your Degree To Help Those In Need

Can You Use Your Degree To Help Those In Need

Are you getting ready to start a degree at university? If so, then you might be wondering if you can use this as a tool to help people in need around the world. This is a wonderful idea and the truth is that there are countless individuals right now who need the support of those in power but aren’t really getting it. Let’s explore some of the ways that you can use your degree for philanthropic purposes and do some good right now.

Choose The Right Degree

One could argue that any degree can be used to help those in need. If you explore this perspective it doesn’t matter which qualification you choose. However, there are some degrees that are certainly more helpful than others. For instance, if you want to help children, then you may wish to consider studying family law. Alternatively, if you are keen to tackle the issue of environmental change, it might be worth studying a degree in geography. You should speak with your advisors to find the right path here.

Know The Current Issues

If you want to help people with your degree, then you need to understand the current issues that are plaguing the world right now. The reality is that there are lots of problems that you could turn your attention towards. You should research the key individuals involved in these fights. For instance, if you want to help with the issue of urban displacement then you should consider taking a look at the work of Adam Elliott-Cooper. He is leading the charge here and is a key example of someone using his degree for good.

Get The Right Experience

When you leave university, it’s important that you are not green. This is going to make it far more difficult for you to gain a position from an employer. When you are building up your experience, consider working for organizations like charity even if this means limited levels of pay or no at all. By doing this, you can push yourself in the right direction and shadow the right individuals.

Should You Complete A PHD?

It depends on how you want to help people. If you want to lead change then a PHD will put you in the strongest position to do this. It will ensure that you can rise to the top of your chosen industry and gain the respect you need from peers to make a difference. However, if you instead want to work on the frontline, then a typical degree will be enough. It will allow you to get a foot in the door at an organization where you’ll be able to help others while climbing the ladder. Remember, a PHD is an extensive commitment so you must have the right level of passion to see it through.

We hope this helps you understand how your degree can be a force for good. With the right steps here, you can become one of the key figures fighting for justice for those in need across the world today.