MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering and Architecture

MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering and Architecture

4 Years
Study Mode:


Tuition Fees
21000 per year
Course Subject
Architecture, Building & Construction

This degree is designed for people who want to pursue a career in structural engineering design. This degree places special emphasis on the construction process such as the materials used, and the importance of developing a sustainable urban, social and economic environments. The course healthy combines civil engineering courses and practical project designs to make you highly proficient and efficient.


Why you should study MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering and Architecture in the UK

Studying this course in a UK institution will provide you with the core knowledge you need to construct and maintain structures. The structure of the course also builds you for a management and leadership role due to the fact that you will meet different students from different parts of the world.


Career Opportunities for MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering and Architecture Graduates

This course prepares you for a career as a professional in Civil Engineering. Many graduates developed the analytical skills, communication skills, and practical skills required to function efficiently in areas such as the civil service, educational sector, financial sector and many other organisations.