Top 6 Tips to Write Essay in a Breeze

Top 6 Tips to Write Essay in a Breeze

It’s unbelievable but true that many students are reluctant to write an essay during their degree programme but have to do it since it’s an essential part of the programme. Even though someone is fond of writing, s/he may be afraid of the thought of essay writing. If you are one such student, you will be surprised to know that there are some very easy tips with which you can do it in a breeze.


1. Don’t Postpone

While starting the essay, you may feel daunted. This may result in postponing the task. But remember that if you start doing it immediately, you will get plenty of time to do research and can write a great essay, whereas if you keep putting it off, your stress will go on increasing as the deadline will come closer. So, never postpone.


2. Enjoy Your Writing

Don’t get sad or bored while writing. Look at the subject and think if you have many options. If you have, choose the one of which you are passionate. You can have some creative freedom too at the same time. If you are bored while writing the essay, your reader will be bored too.


3. Make Research Easy

If you have to write a critical essay, you have to do plenty of research. You may feel daunted with this first, but you can make it easier by starting with finding the key theorists and texts in your subject. Once you become well aware of them and come to know what the opinions of the experts are, you can start building your own opinions. Remember that there is nothing wrong in disagreeing with the experts, as long as you have a justification for your theories. You can also do some first-hand research like data analysis, surveys, market research or interviews.


4. Organise Your Writing

Ensure that you have structured your essay very clearly. Most essays, irrespective of length, are structured in the same basic pattern, i.e. introduction, research and findings and final conclusion. So also, keep away from plagiarism by giving correct references to your sources. It’s best to maintain a list of all sources you use so that you can make correct citations.


5. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Some people are good at writing. But if you are not, don’t be sad. Make sure that you approach correct sources for help. Even your university can help you in getting you the resources. If you do this at an early stage, you can go through the process easily. It’s also advisable to discuss your ideas and rough writing with your tutor every now and then. This way you can take your essay to perfection; so, don’t shy away from sharing your writing with them.


6. Write in a Way that’s Most Suitable for You

Don’t copy the most brilliant student in your class. You should have your own style to study and work that suits you the most. Remember that every person is different. Just because the most intelligent student does it, it’s not good for you. S/He may write continuously for 5 hours. That doesn’t mean that you too should do that. Maybe you will find it easy to write with short breaks in between.

Rewarding yourself after some milestones, like completing 1000 words, is also a great idea.

Follow these tips and your essay writing will become so easy that you will be pleasantly surprised.