BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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3 Years
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£12250+ per year
Jan, Sept
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Business, Management and Finance

BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to set you on the path of knowing what business truly encompasses in the dynamic and ever-changing world. This program will train you to have the vital skills you require to survive in the commercial world outside the university.


Why you should study BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the UK

The UK not only have universities that are situated in a conducive environment, but it also has a great breathing ground for businesses which can be used as citations for students. This provides them with case studies which they can manage as though they are business consultants, thereby preparing them for the business world outside school.


Career Opportunities for BA (Hons) Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Graduates

This program not only prepares you to be self-sustained, but it also provides you with work opportunities across the globe. You can work for multinational companies, and organizations such as IBM, GMC, Walt Disney, and much more.

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