Is Careers Guidance Useless?

Is Careers Guidance Useless?

It would be daring to say that careers guidance is useless as it could raise quite a few eyebrows. Perhaps it will be even more shocking to say that having no careers guidance is even worse. But following reasons can convince you both the facts.


Why is Careers Guidance Useless?

Careers guidance is not adequately concrete or isn’t helpful in achieving anything. Careers guidance offers you a direction and knowledge and is believed to be helpful in developing your thought process. Pretty like education – it’s useless, but not getting it is even worse.

Types of career guidance are CV guidance, graduate job guidance, employers workshops and so on. Among these three mentioned, exactly which one shapes your career?

CV guidance will help you build a good CV and offer you a good chance of getting a call for an interview. Graduate job guidance is the most superficial. A student, who gets all kinds of guidance, eventually has to crack the code himself. The key to online applications is understanding applicant tracking systems and keywords. A career guide speaks about none of these. And there are employer workshops too. Are they really helpful? They are helpful only as much as the employer is interested in helping. Employers go only to a few universities to arrange their employer presentations. Does it mean that your career won’t take you there? No.

Ultimately, you will have to shape up your own destiny. If everything happens according to your plan and you find just the job you ever wanted, that’s fantastic! But how many of us are fortunate enough to say that?

Careers guidance should educate students on a broader scale; not on the micro guidance level. But not having it at all is worse.


Why Having No Careers Guidance is Worse?

It’s because, without careers guidance, you may end up having no knowledge of how to attend an interview. This is not the main concern, but the main concern is that having no careers guidance can put you in many embarrassing circumstances.

Without careers guidance, you will make basic mistakes which you shouldn’t. But is careers guidance the real term for it? It doesn’t help your career to know that there is a mistake in your CV. If you were doing a donkey’s job, your ambition would be to become the best donkey in the town. How to go to an interview is not actually careers guidance.

This article won’t really change the meaning of the term careers guidance. But we all have to be careful while selling career guidance to students and graduates.