Save Your Studies

Save Your Studies

When you’re studying hard to get to that end point, past finals, past dissertations and coursework, the last thing you need to be worrying about is money. Yet for so many students, while getting to university is a dream come true, staying there can be seriously hampered as funds run out and cash flow reaches crisis levels.

The good news is that for many students, a combination of family support, a part-time job and a loan will usually be enough, just, to scrape you through. If you aren’t able to work for whatever reason or handouts from family aren’t readily available then you’ll be relying on what you can get from the state and that might not be quite enough.

We explore some options students might consider to increase their chances of staying in study and completing that qualification that might just lead to a dream job further down the line.

Sign up for ALL the deals

This might not make you money but it will certainly save you money. Get every free loyalty card going, particularly from the supermarket, to get your shopping rewarded with points.

Save points and coupons to get money off your shopping. Also make sure you use price comparison sites to see that you’re getting the best deal. You’ll want to shop around if necessary but it’s entirely possible to halve your grocery spending using sites like these.

And have you heard of Wombling? This growing trend of picking up receipts and money off coupons that other shoppers throw away is reported to be saving avid Womblers hundreds of pounds every month in their grocery shop. Do some research today.


Not necessarily in your subject area but if you did well at school and in particular if you speak a foreign language to a decent standard, you might be able to pick up some tutoring work with teenagers or younger.

As well as advertising on Social Media feeds you’ll be able to pick up work through online platforms that advertise and find tutors for pupils matching your area of expertise.


We know that the pressure of some degrees and qualifications is intense and makes it near impossible to dedicate yourself to a job that demands you work regular hours. However, that doesn’t mean you have to write off the idea of working completely. There are some jobs that are definitely more flexible than others and you might find work around your hectic schedule.

Sign up to websites that pay you to take part in surveys, or make recommendations to your social network groups. You might want to try becoming a secret shopper or even an extra appearing, albeit briefly, in soaps and other TV shows. These can be great fun as well as being oddly satisfying and fairly well paid.

You might also want to sell your services on work platforms such as Upwork, where you can pick up writing, designing or other gigs bidding against other freelancers.

Unless you have a lot to offer in terms of experience and skills you might find yourself at the lower end of the pay scale but if you want a quick job that is fairly low hassle and shouldn’t take up too much of your time, then this can be a great option.

Sell online

Perhaps you can sell stuff you already own or things you’ve picked up in second hand shops. Get them on eBay and let the bidding commence. Alternatively, consider setting up your own online shop if you have any creative talents and start selling your jewellery or paintings. If you can make some money from doing something you enjoy then you’ve hit the winning formula.

Take out a loan

If you just need quick access to some cash and are unsure how else to get it, you might consider taking out a loan. There are various types from guarantor to unsecure loans so choose one that protects you and doesn’t charge the earth in interest and repayments.

Again do your research thoroughly before you consider borrowing any money and see which loan suits your lifestyle and repayment schedule best. Make sure you compare the best guarantor loans alongside other options to make the right choice.

Whatever you do, don’t even consider taking out a large loan with so called ‘payday providers’ that charge an astronomical amount of interest. Go with someone you trust and well established.

Become a start-up

At least a startup website. If you’re tech savvy then you know how quick and easy it can be to set up your own site but if you’re really smart you’ll know how to make that website make money for you as well.

Done right and you can literally make money while you sleep, thanks to guest blogs, advertising and paid for links. Do your research and figure out your niche site that’s going to attract visitors and work for you.

You might also consider getting yourself published, not in print as such but by producing an eBook. The great thing about eBooks is that you can create it yourself and get it published on Amazon with relative ease. Use your area of expertise and create a short but interesting book that will keep ticking over the profits even years from now.

Sell notes

If you’ve diligently written notes on your subject for the last few years during lectures then you might be able to make some profits from them. Sure it’s basically allowing lazy students off scot free with not making any notes themselves but if it gives you a little more cash, then it’s worth considering.

There are several apps you can use to upload your notes to, but they will of course take some of the profit as part of their commission so if you can do it privately, then so much the better.

Take up comping

If you’re not sure what this is then it it’s basically entering every and any competition that might make you money or something that you can then sell. There are simply hundreds of thousands of competitions that you can enter online. Some will be lucky draws while others will be slightly more skilled.

Start entering and you’re bound to win one or two. But be warned, once you’re bitten by the comping bug there’ll be no going back. It’s an addictive pastime.

Look after people and pets

Not as rigid as a part time job but better paid then some, look at becoming a babysitter or dog walker. To do either of these things you’ll probably have to either advertise your services online and in the local media or you’ll have to join some kind of an agency. You may have to undergo some training and a background/criminal record check before you start work.

Be prepared though, dog owners will have equally as high expectations over the care of their pets as you’ll find parents have of their precious offspring.

Online currency

If you’re feeling particularly brave you might consider trying your hand at the world of trading in cryptocurrency. If you’re as happy using Bitcoin as you are using regular currency then this might be the money-spinner you were looking for. There are several ways into trading and although you will have to provide an initial outlay, if you know what you’re doing, you might be able to turn over a profit fairly quickly.

Review music

If you love music anyway then this is a gig that’s worth looking into. Check out websites such as Slice The Pie, which pays you to review music on its site. There’s no guarantee what you’ll be listening to or the quality but it’s a fairly straightforward way of boosting your income and shouldn’t be too time consuming.

Being a student is both the best and at times the hardest point in the lives of so many people. While you want desperately to finish your course with something decent down on paper, you’re also trying to live your life and have fun and balance the rent, bills and book costs. It really isn’t easy.

Depending on when and where you study you might find there are some loans or bursaries for you to take out through your place of study, so make sure you’re fully equipped with all the facts.

If you are striking out on your own make sure you aren’t taken in by schemes that promise to pay well but don’t deliver. Unfortunately students are often the target. Instead think outside the box for work that demands only a little of your time and fits into your lifestyle. Use whatever skills you already have to cash in, whether through selling your notes or your services on freelancing platforms.

Consider a loan if things are looking really bleak but above all don’t let the pressures of money stop you from finishing your studies and on to that career you’ve worked so hard towards. Talk to your student advisors for advice and get back to living your best student life.