Bachelor of Laws LLB

Bachelor of Laws LLB

3 Years
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Tuition Fees

£9000+ per year


Jan, Sept

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Study Bachelor of laws (LLB) in the UK as it gives a comprehensive and critical understanding of the main principles of law guiding institutions. This Bachelor degree touches a number of fields, thereby giving you a brief knowledge about all the specialties in law. This includes fields such as medical law, civil, business, financial law, and many others.


Why you should study Bachelor of Laws LLB in the UK

The UK is well known for providing extraordinary graduates at all academic levels. Studying law in the UK will put you at the top of international listing when it comes to international rating. Apart from this, UK universities provide you with a conducive environment to learn. You have access to tons of study material, which will aid you in getting excellent grades. You will also meet students from all over the world when you are studying LLB in a UK university.


Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Laws LLB Graduates

Study LLB in UK and be one of the few that will have a wide range of knowledge in the field of law. This has made most law firms to be on the lookout for UK graduates. With LLB, you can also practice law on your own, or you can work for any organisation or company of your choice.