BA (Hons) Architecture

BA (Hons) Architecture

3 Years
Study Mode:


Tuition Fees
11500 per year
Course Subject
Architecture, Building & Construction

Architecture is one of the oldest and most exciting form professional work that requires creativity and solid experience. These two qualities are what graduates of BA Architecture have that makes them capable of all they do. This course offers different aspects of architectural design ranging from new technologies to old cultural heritage in architecture. Students will also learn the tactile and visual world, while also learning how to use computer software to make better designs.


Why you should study BA (Hons) Architecture in the UK

As modern architecture relies heavily on the unique ideas of the old times, the UK provides a perfect historical heritage for students to explore. Aside from this, UK universities are the best in combining theoretical and practical work to bring the best out of every student.


Career Opportunities for BA (Hons) Architecture Graduates

As employers recognize the potentials that UK graduates have, they are always on the lookout for Degree holders in architecture who graduated from a UK University. This will give you a career opportunity at any of the well-established architectural firms. You can also start up your Architecture Firm and be self-employed.