BSc (Hons) Architecture

BSc (Hons) Architecture

3 Years
Study Mode:


Tuition Fees
12000 per year
Jan, Sept
Course Subject
Architecture, Building & Construction

BSc Architecture will give you the core knowledge of creative architectural design and also how to design energy efficient buildings. This course is designed with a 24 hours studio access in order to give you a chance to explore and design projects by experimenting with original ideas. During the studies, you develop all the construction skills you need as an architect and you also learn to apply these as a core and creative aspect of architecture.


Why you should study BSc (Hons) Architecture in the UK

UK universities give you the chance to explore other great architectural works and extract inspiration from them by organising occasional field trips. You also get the chance to work alongside talented design staff who are all qualified architects. UK universities have multi-award winning professors who are recognised for their enormous contribution towards Architecture.


Career Opportunities for BSc (Hons) Architecture Graduates

With a BSc in Architecture, you can join any of the tons of well-known architectural firms all around the world. You also have the option of going to the academic life by becoming a lecturer in the field of Architecture.