BA (Hons) Transport Design

BA (Hons) Transport Design

3 Years
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Tuition Fees
10900 per year
Jan, Sept
Course Subject
Architecture, Building & Construction

BA (Hons) Transport Design equips students with the skills and technical knowledge they need to be one of the world’s top automobile designers. With this degree, graduates will be able to fit perfectly into the world of creative automobile design.


Why you should study BA (Hons) Transport Design in the UK

The UK universities are an excellent choice for technical degrees that require students to see and participate. In UK universities, students get firsthand experience in automobile design which is enhanced by the different array of companies available in the UK.


Career Opportunities for BA (Hons) Transport Design Graduates

After completing the degree, graduates have plenty of career opportunities. Depending on what each person wants, they can work for automobile industries such as ford, Maserati, and much more. They can also decide to start up their own business.