BA (Hons) Economics and Management

BA (Hons) Economics and Management

3 Years
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Tuition Fees
13200 per year
Jan, Sept
Course Subject
Business, Management and Finance

The fundamentals needed to explore strategic management [small, medium and large scale economy and finances], defining grasp of economic principles which can help to make more informed decisions that are embedded in the provisions, principles and guidelines establishing the UK universities.


Why you should study BA (Hons) Economics and Management in the UK

The UK provides one of the most exciting environment for studying BA (Hons) Economics and Management in the world. Students get to grasp economic and managerial principles that enhance understanding up-to-date all round business and investment decisions primed towards making prudent, precise and valuable productivity in all ramifications of human socio-economic, political as well as cultural heritage of both the developing and developed counties of the world.


Career Opportunities for BA (Hons) Economics and Management Graduates

Acquiring a B.A degree in economic management from the UK provides an easy and accessible range of business, networking and investment platform with other aspiring and established management personnel such as consultations, negotiations, feedbacks across the continent.