Will not having SSL harm your website?

Will not having SSL harm your website?

Back in 2016 Google announced that they are moving towards a more secure web experience. Part of this exercise Google has recommended all web owner to get SSL certificate for their website regardless their industry or sector. If you are collecting visitor’s information through the website via the web form, you must get SSL certificate for your website. If you do not know much about SSL certificate, check out what is SSL Certificate blog to learn more.

Impact of not having SSL Certificate/Secure website:

There are many negative impacts of not having an SSL certificate for your website. Here are the top ones:

Not secure warning:

You might already have noticed that many websites including your website (if you do not have SSL certificate), show not secure warning in Google Chrome when a visitor tries to submit a contact us/apply online/newsletter signup form. For example:

SSL Issue

Google has also announced on their blog that if your website doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, your website visitor will see something like below when they visit your website regardless the type of the page.

SSL Future


Security Threat

A site without SSL certificate is vulnerable to hackers. With SSL certificate the information exchange between your visitor and your server is safe with 256-bit encrypted network.


SEO Ranking

Although Google hasn’t officially announced SSL as a ranking factor, we have seen a website with SSL is outranking their competitors. Which is why we believe, SSL is/will be an SEO ranking factor.


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