How to Run Your Agency During COVID-19 Crisis

How to Run Your Agency During COVID-19 Crisis

This is a difficult time for everyone. Businesses are closed, people are self-isolated at home to maintain social distancing to fight COVID-19 virus. Yet the number of infected patients is increasing every day throughout the world. Almost all universities have moved their teaching method online. All education agencies have closed their offices and very few are still available online to help their existing and prospective students. After talking to our clients and our digital marketing experts, we put together four tactics you can employ to run your agency during COVID-19 Crisis:

1. Work remotely:

Instead of shutting down your business, you can work remotely and let your employees work remotely. Almost 98% of the education agency business’s operation can be run digitally. In order for you and your employees to be productive and collaborate, you will need the following tools along with computers/laptop and a good internet connection:

  • CRM system to manage and maintain your data
  • Online conference system (we recommend
  • Email marketing platform
  • Online file sharing platform (Dropbox or Google Drive)


2. Meet student online:

You can use the Zoom conference system to have a live consultation session with your prospective and existing students. Zoom provides audio and video capabilities as well as screen-sharing option. You can even guide the students to make their university or visa application online with a screen-sharing option.


3. Run paid campaign to get new leads

Since everyone is at home quarantine, the use of social media has increased significantly. Your prospective students might use Google to search for their desired course or university. So that they can make a plan to submit their application once the COVID-19 crisis is over. With paid tailored ad campaigns, you can reach your ideal customer base and you can generate high-quality leads.


4. Track employee’s performance in real-time

If you are already using a CRM system, setup daily performance reports tracking your employee’s performance. If you do not have a CRM system yet, contact us now to learn more about how we can utilize a CRM system to maximize your employee’s performance.


How can we help:

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