Why Digital Marketing is Important for Education Industry?

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Education Industry?

One of the greatest gifts that the 21st Century has given to our generation is the social media. Since the advent of the social media, the world has never remained the same. It (Social Media) has revolutionized our way of life; from the way we do things, our social interactions to the way businesses are conducted. With just a click of the button from the comfort of your home, you will find yourself in the face of millions of people worldwide. Aside from improving social interaction among humans by eliminating the physical barriers of communication between people, social media has helped in turning the world into a global village.


The social media revolution has been so fast and wide that the conventional media has been left startling with envy. It is this social media tsunami that gave birth to digital marketing which has played a great role in influencing our today’s world especially about how we disseminate/get information and impart knowledge. How we generate publicity by creating deliberate awareness about the features and existence of a certain product has been one big favour that digital marketing has done to the business of selling ‘information and knowledge’. The education industry today has been equally and adequately flavoured with the spices from digital marketing which has resulted in no small benefits (Both in monetary and non-monetary terms) to all the stakeholders in the industry.


The impact that digital marketing has and is still having on the education industry can never be overemphasized. Here are the five ways in which this education industry has been influenced by digital marketing.



With the number of active internet users numbering over a billion (majority of whom are the youths), digital marketing has presented to the industry a wider market by helping to connect with a global audience that was hitherto separated by geographical barriers. Through digital marketing, companies now get their products to millions of potential customers worldwide.



Since the advent of digital marketing, the advertising budget of many companies (especially in the education industry) has consistently been dropping largely due to the fact that they (companies) now spend less in getting to a larger audience than before. Comparatively, digital marketing has made advertising a lot cheaper than what it used to be especially when you compare and contrast the penetration and reach of digital marketing with conventional marketing.



It is now easier to get information about products, places and things. Readers now get easier access to learning materials such as textbooks, lecture notes Etc. customers also get easier information about various products without having to go through all the hassling and bustling.



With a newspaper advert, the reader will have to wait till when the paper is published and distributed and then he/she (reader) must have the opportunity of coming in contact and going through the newspaper before he/she will be able to see the advert. But with just a click of the button, a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram message, for instance, will get to millions of users worldwide; all thanks to the power of digital marketing.



We can’t talk about the advantages of digital marketing without mentioning the very important benefit of convenience. Digital marketing has made it more convenient not just for companies to market their products but also for customers to purchase products of their choice. Right from the comfort of homes, we are now able to get all the information we need about a product and also to purchase products of our choice without incurring any extra cost. Digital marketing helps save time, energy and other resources thereby reducing the cost per unit of many products.


The impact that digital marketing has made in the education industry today can never be overemphasized hence it is not a coincidence that many companies today are getting into the groove of digital marketing in order to harness the numerous benefits that it offers.