Use our real-life data to maximise your campaigns' ROI

Education Market Intelligence

Determining when and how advertising your services or product requires examining many different aspects. Perhaps the most important one is deciding on the nature of the service or product that should be offered to a promising market. Our well-researched and marketing intelligence data from our real-life campaigns can help you plan a successful campaign. Our data is very helpful for universities and education agents all over the world.

Our marketing intelligence data can help you decide:

  • When and how to run your campaign
  • Which markets are good for your services / products
  • Whether to get into a new market
  • How to adapt marketing to new opportunities
  • Whether to adapt new technologies or marketing techniques
  • Which target audience will bring the maximum ROI

Data From Real-life Campaigns

Our marketing intelligence data is gathered from the campaigns we run. The campaigns include social media, paid advertisement, email marketing, text marketing, SEO campaigns.

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