8 Ways to Recruit More Students

8 Ways to Recruit More Students

There are different tactics you can employ to increase the number of students you recruit every year. Some tactics are completely free, and some come with a cost. Even if you need to invest in new marketing tactics or a tool, you will end up making more money if you carefully analyze the Return-On-Investment (ROI) potential of the tactics or the tool you are investing in. Here are the top 8 strategies you can implement in your business today:


1. Analyse your business data

If you are not a new business and have at least completed recruiting for one Intake, you have a great data source, which will help you understand your business performance and will also help you identify what is working in your business and what is not. We have helped many of our clients to analyse their business data and improve their process as well as their revenue. Look out for our next article where we will disclose step by step process on how to analyse your business data and how to utilize your findings.


2. Invest in a CRM

If you are using excel, word, notepad or traditional notebook to manage your students and business data, you are wasting your time, resources and also losing a large of potential students. By getting an education industry CRM system, you can stay on top of your recruitment process and track/manage all aspects of your business process. Watch this CRM Intro video to understand the benefits of investing in a CRM system.


3. Develop or Re-design your website

Most of the agency website we visit, we get the feeling that those websites were built at least a century ago. By improving the design and layout of your website, you can generate more leads from your website. Even if you have a good website, look out for the user journey of your website as well as the user experience aspect. Understand what Call-to-Action button and form work for you and improve the ones that don’t work or aren’t generating leads for you. If you want help in developing a new website for your business, learn more about our web development service.


4. Post on Social media more frequently

Social media is one of the major channels to generate high-quality leads for the education industry. Almost all prospective students who have a desire to study abroad, are using either Facebook or Instagram. Which is why you should invest more time in planning your social post as well as increasing your fan base. From our analysis we have noticed that posting informative/educative content helps student to connect with education agents’ social profiles. You could provide information about admission process, real-time immigration update, scholarship offer and visa interview tips. Live videos have been proven to be one of the most engaging post types for our clients.

5. Get Students Testimonials

Highlighting the quality of services and support you provide to your students, helps you build trust. Testimonials are one of the easiest ways to convince your prospective students that you can provide the support and help they are looking for. So, make sure you get written and video testimonials from the students you are recruiting and showcase your testimonials on your website and social media profiles.


6. Invest in Facebook & Google Ads

We have been helping a lot education agencies to generate high-quality leads through paid advertisement campaigns. You could easily target your desired audience and show them your ads. Paid campaigns are very effective when you narrow down your audience and show them the most relevant ads based on their attributes. For example, if a student is completing or has completed a bachelor’s degree, you should target him/her to see your masters degree courses. Along with the targeted ads and correct audience, you will have to make sure you have a landing page with relevant information and a form to capture their information. Get in touch with us if you need any help or support with your paid digital advertising campaigns.


7. Explore SEO

When prospective students are looking for an agency or help with their admission process on Google, you should make sure they find your website. Read our article “What is SEO and How to do it” to learn more about SEO. If you were exposed to SEO, you must come up with a strong SEO strategy to stay ahead your competitors as there is no alternative of SEO when it comes to getting organic visitors to your websites, which generates high-quality prospective student leads. Our SEO service is designed for the education industry, so if you need any help with your SEO strategy, get in touch.


8. Get Certified

Validation from a third-party organisation helps you build trust. If you haven’t already, get certified by the Brtish Council. You can also get your agency registered with UCAS. And if you are looking for a certification programme with additional benefits, check our Agent Certification.


We strongly recommend trying all of the above strategies to increase the number of students you recruit. Make sure to track the performance of your strategy to evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t. If you need help from the experts, reach out to us for a free business consultation today.