Fully managed business essentials and marketing services

Complete Education Industry Business Solutions

We have designed our services in such a way which covers end to end business needs of a University/College or an education agent. We have assembled a talented team who has extensive experience in the education industry. More than 8 years of education industry experience has given us the opportunity to tailor our services to come up with solutions for businesses of every size.

Increase Student Recruitment

Our tailored marketing strategy will help you reach a wider target audience and will help to fulfil your yearly recruitment target very easily.

Safe Business Operations

Our managed services will protect your website & data so that you can concentrate on running your business safely.

Reduce Advertisement Cost

We will use our marketing intelligence data to help you plan a successful campaign and reduce your advertisement cost.

Essentials Services

Our essentials services will help you run your business professionally and smoothly

Marketing Services

Recruit more students through your website with our tailored marketing solutions


Different types of membership are available to maximise your business opportunities

CRM for Education Industry

Run student recruitment business with ease, generate more revenue and automate business processes

What Makes Us Different

8 years of experience in education industry has helped us tailor our services to increase ROI at a lower cost for Universities/Colleges and education agents.

Let’s discuss your business objectives

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