Master of Laws LLM

Master of Laws LLM

1 to 2 Years
Study Mode:


Tuition Fees

£8000 to £19000


Jan, Sept

Employment rate

A Law Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to practice law in the UK, but the Master of Laws (LLM) provides you with a supplementary knowledge, character, and experience to be able to stand with an advance legal qualification in any subject area you choose. This means that after studying Masters of law in the UK, you will become a specialist in a particular subject area in law.


Why you should study LLM in the UK

Masters of law in the UK is one of the best Masters degrees offered in the legal field anywhere in the world. Apart from the quality of education you will get a degree which is recognized all around the world. UK university campus is a beautiful place to be, with lots of infrastructural development. This surely provides a conducive environment to study LLM in the UK.


Career Opportunities for LLM Graduates

With a LLM degree, you will have a wide range of career opportunities in any country of your choice. Even though a Bachelor’s degree is enough for you to practice law in the UK, other countries such as Germany, Canada and many others require additional qualification in other for you to be eligible.