Master of Business Administration (MBA)

1 Year or 2 Years with Internships
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Tuition Fees

£8000 to £19000


Jan, Sept

Employment rate

Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a course has gained popularity as one of the preferred courses by freshers and executives all over the world. The MBA course gives a person a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It started as a course for professionals and executives, and has changed into a required degree for everyone who wants to gain momentum in their career. A MBA aims at changing your outlook and helps you to gain the necessary entrepreneurship skills required to succeed in your endeavours.


Why you should study MBA in the UK

  • MBA degrees are recognised by the world’s top businesses
  • Can help you to get your dream job
  • Some universities offer internships as part of course curriculum
  • Affordable course fees
  • Scholarships offered by selected universities
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Will improve your people’s skill as most of the MBA courses offered by the UK universities required you to participate in presentation / group presentation


Career Opportunities for MBA Graduates

Many MBA students decide to pursue graduate degrees in order to boost their job prospects. In addition to opening up new opportunities earning a MBA degree will also help with increasing your current income capacity.