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Maria Consultancy London Ltd is registered as UK based company. MCL Registration number is 08701471.MCL is operating education business since last 9years. Maria Consultancy London was a registered under the business name of “Maria Consultancy” London in order to promote international education and to represent reputed international education institution in United Kingdom.
The purpose of our Endeavour is to encourage students to fulfil their educational ambitions in several disciplines by guiding them to select internationally recognized university and colleges. Students who thought studying in some of the best universities /colleges in United Kingdom, European countries, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Malaysia was a near impossible dream, today have realized that it is amazingly simple
1: Admission in all universities colleges from age 5 up to 18 under boarding schools. We currently have uk, Canada, Switzerland boarding school and looking further to extend market in other countries in this sector. As parents from Middle East and china are looking for other countries as well.
2: Admission in all universities and colleges at higher level from above 18years onward in different universities and colleges worldwide.
3: We provide travel guideline, accommodation option, career advice, visa guideline and further steps to get better education choice.
4: We have option for all students to select university or college worldwide as their destination towards their education.
5: Our team is ready to help students to get better choice and find out
6: We recruit student for pathway and foundation, pre-master programmes as well.
7: ESL programmes students who do not meet the condition of English, German, and Spanish. Italian, Russian or French Language, we put them for Language course according to desire of students.
8: We started recruitment of British, European, settle people with in UK in 2014.Now we are 3rd largest recruitment company which recruit every year 250 students to British Universities.

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