London Investigation Immigration Education

London Investigation Immigration Education (LIIE) is based in London. The success of LIIE relies on objective advice, expertise and specialist skills, operating across a wide variety of services whether in UK or all around the globe. We are built on our experience and knowledge & are able to assess situations and absorb complex information rapidly, while demonstrating sound judgment.


To INVESTIGATE & solve unsolved problems innovatively around the Globe, especially in UK & India, as we imply Impossible as “I M Possible”.
To provide an excellent standard of IMMIGRATION service to the clients for UK & Canada in affordable fees.
To advice students from abroad about the EDUCATION system in UK & assist in Admissions in UK’s recognised Colleges & Universities.
To bring the communities together on LIVE TV SHOW & discuss about spirituality, social issues, political issues, domestic problems, historical events & cultural events.

We apply our knowledge to a broad range of problems in widely differing situations. We are able to use our highly specialist knowledge and experience in a wider context. We give solutions to varied problems under one umbrella.

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English Language Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Post Graduate Courses

London, United Kingdom

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London, United Kingdom

London Investigation Immigration Education

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